2023-24 CORA Team, Player and Ref Fees

Payable to CORA (Interac eTransfer to treasurer@calgaryopenringette.com )

on or before Oct 15, 2023
  • Team: $50 / team 2023-24 CORA League entry
  • Referee: Referee Scheduled League Game Fees Pre-Payments #1: $500
  • Player: CORA fee $25 / RAB registered player on Teams TRF
  • Staff: Payable to CORA ~$24 / staff (only for the bench staff not registered as a player, ref or manager). RAB direct bills CORA for Zone 2 & 3.
on or before Jan 15, 2024
  • Referee: Referee Scheduled League Game Fees Pre-Payments #2: $500
    * excludes Zone 1 & 2 Open team scheduling their own referees for ‘Home’ games

Failure to pay by due date: $100/month that fees are outstanding.
Additional Player Registration after due date: additional $25/player making it a total of $50/player

Payable to RAB upon player registration:
  • Player: pays RAB fee (RAMP direct registration & online payment) ~$69.50/player
    *a registrant is only charged one fee per season regardless of how many roles they fill.

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